Global CIO Survey


Corporate chief information officers (CIOs) around the world find themselves at a moment of unprecedented opportunity.

For years, they’ve steadily labored to redefine themselves as disruptive agents of change and growth. Now with global economies’ recovering, new business models proliferating and C-suite executives’ realizing the need for nonstop innovation, that evolutionary process has reached a potentially revolutionary tipping point.

In today’s digitized marketplace, success — if not survival — hinges on how well organizations strategically leverage the transformative power of information technology. And no one is better positioned to help businesses do that than the CIO.

CIOs know this, and in response are aggressively driving the investments and initiatives necessary to lead digital transformation. The sixth edition of the “CSC Global CIO Survey” (formerly “CIO Barometer”) reveals that after years of caution and belt-tightening, IT is back: Fully 64 percent of participants in the study report higher spending this year than in the year before, up from just 46 percent in 2013. What’s more, the survey shows that enterprises are investing their increased budgets in next-generation, innovation-enabling technologies such as cloud computing, big data and mobility.

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