Higher gas prices result in less usage of PJM gas-fired units


Utilization rates for a subset of regulated and merchant gas-fired power plants in the PJM Interconnection region declined over a 12-month period through March 31.


“The utilization rates declined as the price of natural gas generally increased over the period. Utilization rates for regulated power plants decreased by 62.4 percent, while utilization rates for merchant plants dropped by 54.6 percent, according to SNL Energy data.”

“SNL Energy data show that March 2012 appears to be the peak in utilizing natural gas-fired capacity in PJM, with regulated units reaching a roughly 50 percent utilization rate and merchant plants at nearly 39 percent. According to a January report by FBR Capital Markets & Co., use of combined-cycle gas turbines rose to 49 percent in 2012 from 37 percent the prior year.”

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