IEC 61850 Certified Software

Smart grid solutions provider Survalent Technology Corp.’s Advanced Automation Management System Software is IEC 61850 certified. Survalent’s software portfolio includes solutions for utilities’ control room operation, substation automation and distribution automation. IEC 61850 certification for Survalent’s integrated software platform provides key benefit of protocol conformance and standardization across all applications for its utility customers. The certification testing was performed by KEMA Nederland in its independent testing laboratory in Arnhem.

Survalent Technology Corp.

Passive Harmonic Filter

Lineator Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter

MIRUS International has launched its new, high-performance Lineator Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter (AUHF) that matches the performance of Active Front Ends (AFE) or Active Harmonic Filters (AHF). Known as the Lineator High Performance (HP), it creates efficiency gains of at least 2 percent and is free of high-frequency harmonics and noise issues associated with inverters used in active solutions. Unlike AFEs or AHFs, the Lineator HP passive harmonic filter does not inject higher-frequency voltage distortion (frequencies above the 50th up to the 100th harmonic) or higher electromagnetic interference (EMI) common-mode voltages and ground currents into the electrical supply system. These higher voltage harmonics contribute to failures in other connected equipment, including power supplies of critical electronic controls, online test equipment, computers, PLCs, circuit breakers with electronic trips and other crucial power system protection equipment. Specifying the Lineator HP for application with standard 6-Pulse VFDs provides end users with low harmonic drive systems at 20 to 30 percent less in capital costs than other solutions. Operating costs also are lowered because of the higher efficiency gains.

Mirus International

Advanced RTU Technology

Efacec ACS

Efacec ACS has launched the NTX series of substation controllers. Four new NTX models are available. Features and benefits common to all of the NTX series models include: flexibility to adapt to many applications and installation requirements, resulting in less downtime; multiple master and IED ports to increase integration capabilities within the substation, supporting Ethernet connectivity and a large library of modern and legacy communication protocols; NTX family models share many common modules and use the same NTX Explorer configuration software, simplifying maintenance and lowering ownership costs; a technically advanced client/server architecture that uses the latest and most powerful ARm9e 32-bit processors with DSP extensions, enabling the units to efficiently handle large I/O point counts and high volumes of IED data; security features that support compliance with NERC CIP standards; and advanced local automation using IEC 61131and 61499 standards.

Efacec ACS

All-in-one Volt/VAR Regulator

Varentec's ENGO unit

Varentec’s ENGO unit, deployed at points along the secondary side of the distribution grid, solves low-voltage points and provides real-time grid edge voltage monitoring. The company’s all-in-one volt/VAR regulator includes a sophisticated power regulation circuit, an advanced voltage sensor/monitor and a high-tech communications card over DNP-3. Varentec’s solution improves voltage-limit compliance and grid reliability, stabilizes voltage volatility of PV solar, and eliminates low-voltage problem nodes for maximum energy savings.


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