In-depth look at national energy policy unfolds like a thriller novel

November 16, 2001 – Energy companies and consumers who will be affected by new national energy strategy may gain vital information in a new book on the topic which unfolds like a thriller novel.

The Bush administration has proposed solutions to our nation’s energy crisis. Industry leaders struggle to find consensus on strategies. Utilities wrestle with deregulation.

In this battlefield scenario, one that is repeated with every energy “shock,” stakeholders hope that history will provide a lesson – one that can be used to lessen burden ultimately paid by the consumer.

“A Policy of Discontent: the Making of a National Energy Strategy,” is written by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for Policy Analysis under the first Bush administration, Vito A. Stagliano.

The book, dubbed “a cautionary tale from a veteran of the last push for a national energy policy,” by Kennedy Maize of Electricity Daily, weaves a tale of how government works and how our nation’s last energy policy (the Energy Policy Act of 1992) was forged.

In this tell-all chronicle, Stagliano takes readers on a journey down the halls of the nation’s capitol and brings to light what happened behind closed doors in the quest for policy consensus.

The 413-page book (ISBN 0-87814-817-5) is available online from PennWell’s book store at For more information, call 1-800-752-9764 or e-mail

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