International bank approves grant to improve Haiti’s energy sector

The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $25 million policy-based grant to support the modernization of Haiti’s energy sector. The resources include $22 million from the IDB Grant Facility and $3 million from the Haiti Reconstruction Fund.

In coordination with other donors, the IDB is assisting Haiti in its efforts to expand access to reliable and affordable electricity services. In recent years it has provided the Haitian government $64.5 million to restore the Pàƒ©ligre hydroelectric plant’s generation capacity and upgrade the power distribution network in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The IDB has also financed pilot projects to tap renewable resources such as solar energy in Haiti.

The grant is the third in a series of three policy-based operations focused on providing budgetary support to the government of Haiti as it carries out energy policy reforms. The measures will help strengthen institutional capacity and organization of the energy sector; foster better management and operational efficiency of the state utility àƒâ€°lectricitàƒ© d’Haàƒ¯ti, and address problems such as electricity theft and fraud.


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