VIDEO: KCP&L to stop burning coal at three power plants

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Kansas City Power & Light Co. (KCP&L) will no longer burn coal at three of its coal-fired power plants, Montrose Station, one of its units at Lake Road Station and two of its units at Sibley Station.

This announcement furthers the company’s commitment to a sustainable energy future and balanced generation portfolio. Lake Road’s boiler already has the ability to burn natural gas and the company plans to operate on natural gas once it ceases coal combustion.

In the coming years, KCP&L said it will make final decisions regarding whether to retire the units at Montrose and Sibley, or convert them to an alternative fuel source.

The utility said the decision comes in part as a result from recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, which would require KCP&L to make environmental upgrades in the coming years to continue burning coal at these power plants.

While retrofitting the largest, newer coal-fired power plants was the most cost-effective way to comply with environmental regulations, the same cannot be said for the older, smaller units at Montrose, Lake Road and Sibley. Retiring or converting the units at Montrose, Lake Road and Sibley will be a more cost-effective way to meet environmental regulations.

While this decision will impact employees at Montrose, Lake Road and Sibley, the utility does not anticipate that any employees will lose jobs as a result. KCP&L will find job opportunities within the company for displaced employees.

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