National Energy Technology Laboratory could offer $150 million for carbon capture

The U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory expects to award a maximum of two discretionary cooperative agreement grants for providing multiple and simultaneous slipstream testing of bench and pilot scale third-party advanced carbon dioxide capture and gasification technologies from diverse fuel sources at commercially relevant process conditions. The estimated total program funding available was cited as $150 million.

This funding opportunity is open to any entity such as state, county, city, township and special district governments; Native American tribal governments and organizations; institutions of higher education; Historically Black Colleges and Universities; Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities; nonprofits; for profit organizations; small businesses; eligible agencies of the federal government; and faith-based or community-based organizations.

A funding opportunity notice from the National Energy Technology Laboratory states: “These Research and Development (R&D) test facilities will also promote and conduct the evaluation of advanced technologies to identify and resolve environmental, health and safety, operational, component and system development issues in collaboration with the technology developer.

The identification of cost effective and efficient advanced carbon capture and gasification technologies will address the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) forecast that domestic and international coal based power generation will remain a critical and primary source of electricity generation through 2035, thereby creating a near term market based opportunity with a global opportunity for the export of U.S. developed technology.”


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