Oklahoma to appeal regional haze decision

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt plans to ask for a rehearing in front of the full 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a case that rejected a challenge to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s regional haze plan for the state.

According to Pruitt’s office, the state plan “accomplished the regional haze requirements by 2026, decades before the deadline, while significantly reducing the effect on utility consumers.” A statement from the office said utility officials have estimated the federal plan would increase utility rates in the state by 13 to 20 percent over three years.

The three-judge panel ruled in a 2-1 decision the EPA has the authority to implement its own plan for the state to comply with the regional haze rule under the Clean Air Act. Oklahoma had created a state implementation plan to comply with the rule that was denied by the agency.

Oklahoma has until September 3, 2013 to file a request for rehearing, according to Power Engineering.

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