Parting Thoughts

“Battery storage, I’m on the record, that is the holy grail.”

–Energy Secretary Rick Perry during a Senate Appropriations hearing. He was grilled on that statement because the Department of Energy’s budget request called for sizable cuts to energy storage funding.

“You get used to it. The sun comes out eventually.” –Puerto Rico restaurant owner Manolo Piqueres, commenting about yet another outage that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of islanders in April

“Co-ops are ready to be strategic partners in the effort to close the digital divide in rural America.”–Jim Matheson, CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association, during a rural broadband conference at the U.S. Department of Agriculture

“The utility of the future will still do the same thing–manage assets, deliver electricity”–but will do it differently. The utility of the future will move from energy provider to platform optimizer.” –GregoryBolino, managing director, Utilities Strategies North America, Accenture, featured speaker at the opening session of IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition

“”unbeknownst to many who care about climate change, most of the progress made to date through renewables is at significant risk due to the loss or potential loss of more than 228,000 GWh of nuclear carbon-free generation.” –ScottMadden: “While you were Sleeping: The Unnoticed Loss of Carbon-Free Generation in the United States”

“Operating wind power capacity grew 9 percent last year. The installation of 7,017 MW of wind in 2017 brings total U.S. installed wind power capacity to 88,973 MW; that’s just under 54,000 wind turbines operating in 41 states, Guam and Puerto Rico–enough installed capacity to power a record 27 million American homes.” –American Wind Energy Association’s U.S. Wind Industry Market Report 2017

“25 percent of C&I companies experienced a power outage at least once a month, and 86 percent of C&I respondents have experienced at least one power outage in the last 12 months.” –S&C Electric Co.’s first “State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability” Report, conducted in collaboration with Frost & Sullivan, facilities and energy managers of commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses across the United States were surveyed.

“It’s not enough to produce #energy, it’s also to digitally link production, #distribution and consumption” says Siemens MBM @NeikeCedrik at #betd2018 #UnlockThePotential #DigtitalTransformation #FutureOfEnergy

–@_sabrina_martin (global spokeswoman for Siemens Energy Management)

“We are proud of our #FLPublicPower lineworkers and appreciate all they do to keep our communities powered. Let’s all take a moment to #ThankALineman online or in person. #PublicPower”

–@flpublicpower (Florida Public Power,
in honor of National Lineman Appreciation Day, April 18)

“.@XcelEnergyCO Alice Jackson speaking @ieee_pes says there’s a difference between “can you and should you” when considering grid technology investments, particularly transactive energy systems.”
–@HansenTeresa1 (Chief Editor POWERGRID International magazine)

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Parting Thoughts

“I think it’s very important to understand that our grid is essential to our life. There are numbers as high as a trillion dollars for the electricity grid to bring it up to date.” –Itron CEO Philip Mezey, during interview with CNBC


“We’re now in the era of Industry 4.0, evolving from automation–where rule-based computers tell machines what to do–to increasingly intelligent autonomous systems capable of making decisions in response to new inputs.” –ABB Chief Digital Officer Guido Jouret


“Just as with so many issues before the commission, enhancing grid resilience requires a careful balancing of many competing interests.” –Executive summary of PJM Interconnection’s report on grid resiliency to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


U.S. gas and electric demand side management expenditures totaled $8.2 billion from all sources–and over $7.8 billion from ratepayers–in 2016, representing an increase of inflation-adjusted expenditures of 1 percent. . . Ratepayer-funded programs resulted in 25,788 GWh of gross incremental electric savings and 409 million therms of gas savings in 2016.”

–Consortium for Energy Efficiency: “State of the Efficiency Program Industry”


The determination that an energy storage retrofit of a residential solar PV project is eligible for a 30 percent ITC (investment tax credit) under Section 25D is a step in the right direction toward a common-sense tax approach to storage. However, an IRS private letter ruling does not constitute formal guidance.

–Energy Storage Association letter regarding a recent private letter by the Internal Revenue Service indicating that battery retrofits of residential solar project were eligible for the 30 percent ITC


As India offers up cash and advice, sunny nations form a solar alliance. Under PM Modi, India has moved to quickly scale up its use of #renewables. –@ AlexWitzleben (economic historian Alex Von Witzleben)


.@SPPorg to @FERC cited #resilience benefits of new #Transmission. “˜The construction of new transmission facilities pursuant to modern design standards enhance the robustness of the system.’ –@wiresgroup


Preliminary results from @NYSERDA #EnergyStorage Roadmap find significant net benefits of 2,795 MW of storage deployed by 2030–most of which is 4+ hour duration”
–@jburwen (Jason Burwen, vice president of policy,
Energy Storage Association)


Happy Spring?? –@PSEGLI (PSEG Long Island) on March 20 as fourth nor’easter of the month hit the service area.