Perry nuclear unit powered down due to coolant leak

The single-unit 1,268 MW Perry nuclear power plant in Ohio was shutdown due to a small reactor coolant leak, according to an event report from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

The leak was discovered on June 15 and workers determined that the plant needed to be shut down. Steam was observed coming from a vent line that comes off the top of the recirculation flow control valve, according to Power Engineering. Workers with FirstEnergy said the steam appeared to be coming from a weld location where the vent line comes out of the flow control valve.

A FirstEnergy spokesperson told Reuters that the leak did not endanger the health of the public or of workers at the plant. The plant came back online in May after a maintenance and turbine upgrade outage.

The Perry nuclear power plant made headlines in May 2013 when two goldfish were discovered swimming in a pitched placed in a restricted area of the plant. An NRC investigation found that two contractors put the fish there as a joke.


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