Polish utility collaborates with MicroCoal for power plant upgrades

A joint committee has been established between a unit of MicroCoal Technologies Inc. and a European Union coal-fired utility. The purpose of this special committee is to prepare and evaluate a comprehensive proposal for the implementation of a MicroCoal clean coal upgrading facility for their coal-fired power plants in Poland.

The parties are developing a mutually agreed upon schedule of events and foresee delivery of a bulk shipment of Polish coal in October for testing at its facility in Denver, Colorado.

While production and use of coal plummets in America, in Europe “we have some kind of golden age of coal,” says Anne-Sophie Corbeau of the International Energy Agency. The amount of electricity generated from coal is rising at annualised rates of as much as 50 percent in some European countries.

Since coal is by far the most polluting source of electricity, with more greenhouse gas produced per kilowatt hour than any other fossil fuel, according to the company, this is contradictory to European environmental aspirations. Burning low-grade coal has historically been a cheaper means of producing energy but it provides an enormous challenge for any government attempting to maintain economic growth and comply with the E.U. gas emission targets.

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