Power, electric utilities weigh in on 18th annual CEO survey


Power and utilities CEOs are aware of how global megatrends are disrupting the industry.

Power and utilities CEOs are cautious about the financial outlook: Only 29 percent think the economy will improve this year. And they’re less confident of increasing revenues in the short term or midterm than CEOs in other sectors.

Dealing With Disruptive Megatrends

What accounts for this wariness? Power and utilities CEOs are acutely conscious of how global megatrends are disrupting the entire business landscape, with profound implications for their industry. They’re steeling themselves for shifts in how customers behave, competition from new entrants, as well as traditional rivals and changes in their core production technologies. But it’s the prospect of regulatory upheavals that worries them most: 89 percent are nervous on this score, compared to just 66 percent overall.

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