PSEG Long Island helps customers boost energy efficiency

PSEG Long Island said customers participating in energy efficiency programs in 2015 will save more than $60 million and 307,582,000 kWh per year. The amount of energy saved is good for the environment, too, as it results in the elimination of the carbon dioxide emissions of the total energy consumed by more than 19,300 average Long Island homes.

“We work hard every day to help our customers understand that the cheapest, cleanest energy is the energy that they don’t use,” said Dan Eichhorn, vice president of customer services, PSEG Long Island. “We offer award winning energy efficiency programs and we make sure our customers know that we can help them reap all of the rewards – saving money and protecting the environment for future generations.”

PSEG Long Island offers rebates on a variety of Energy Star products. In 2015, residential customers purchased more than 3 million Energy Star light bulbs and fixtures with incentives provided by PSEG Long Island. By upgrading a single incandescent light bulb to a LED, customers can save about $230 over the lifetime of each bulb.

More than 12,000 residential customers took advantage of the rebates on many Energy Star certified washers, dryers, refrigerators and more. Along with participating in the rebate programs, more than 34,000 PSEG Long Island customers scheduled an in-home energy assessment or completed one online themselves.

Customers also recycled more than 5,000 appliances, including old working refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Combined, all of the residential programs will save customers nearly 200 million kWh and $40 million per year.

Residential customers were not the only customers to save money and energy in 2015. Commercial customers completed more than 3,200 energy efficient projects, resulting in savings of more than 112 million kWh and electric bill savings of $20 million per year. Nearly 2,200 of the completed projects were for small- and medium-sized businesses. The Commercial Efficiency Program provides businesses with a solution to save energy and lower operating costs, freeing up capital to improve the bottom line.

Eichhorn continued, “Each of these projects benefits the companies financially and helps to protect the environment from additional greenhouse gas emissions. The Commercial Efficiency Program in 2015 eliminated greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 16,000 passenger cars not driven for one year.”

PSEG Long Island’s Energy Efficiency Programs provide residential and commercial customers with energy efficient solutions to help Long Islanders save energy, and often lead to greater comfort, convenience, and profitability.

Independent annual evaluations by Opinion Dynamics Corporation have found PSEG Long Island’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs to generate energy savings that are cost-effective. In their evaluation for 2014, Opinion Dynamics found that the Commercial Efficiency Program has a benefit/cost ratio of 3.2, which means that the program generated $3.20 in benefits to the utility and its ratepayers for every $1.00 in costs to operate the program, including rebates.

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