Rebranded Aries Clean Energy Focusing R&D on Biomass Efforts

PHG Energy has rebranded itself as Aries Clean Energy and announced plans to ramp up research & development efforts toward a greater role in the clean tech sector, the company announced recently.

Mike Webb, Aries Clean Energy’s vice president of marketing, said Tuesday that the name change was motivated by the company’s new direction in using renewable energy more efficiently.

“The old name worked well for us when we were basically providing gasifers that converted wood chips to synthetic gas for industry, replacing natural gas usage,” Webb said. “Our deployments now are more geared to keeping wood waste, scrap tires and biological sludge out of landfills and cleanly converting the material to thermal energy or electric power.”

Diverting biomass-based materials from landfills not only saves landfill space but can also lower waste disposal and transportation costs, while helping users meet sustainability targets, according to the company’s release.   

“More companies, governments, and academic institutions are prioritizing sustainability and embracing the global transition to renewable energy,” said Aries CEO Greg Bafalis. “Our downdraft and fluidized bed gasification projects have proven themselves viable with over 50,000 hours of commercial production. We stand ready to help these institutions meet their renewable energy, zero landfill waste, and emission reduction goals.”

The company holds eight patents in the biomass and biosolids gasification field—several of which were used to build the world’s largest downdraft gasifier last year in Lebanon, Tennessee. The system has a throughput capacity of 64 tons per day and plans divert over 8,000 tons of material from landfills each year and will produce 36,000MWh of electricity over 20 years.

The company also collaborated with GE Power & Water to merge its downdraft gasification technology with GE’s Clean Cycle ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) generator to create an integrated waste-to-energy technology that is operational at the current R&D plant in Covington, Tennessee

Aries Clean Energy’s R&D division also developed and patented a solution for reducing the heavy tar content of biomass fuel. The process involves filtering synthetic fuel gas through high-carbon biochar and removing impurities using microwave-induced plasma fields.

This effort has moved from laboratory to field-testing at one of Aries Clean Energy’s R&D biomass facilities and is showing success in producing cleaner synthetic fuel gas, as well as lower capital and operations and management costs. 

Aries Clean Energy LLC is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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