Rolls-Royce in talks to sell assets to Siemens

Rolls-Royce Holdings has confirmed it is in talks with Siemens regarding to sale of its energy gas turbine and compressor business. The talks have not concluded, and the company stated it would make a further announcement at a later date.

Rolls-Royce’s energy gas turbine and compressor business supplies aero-derivative gas turbines, compressor systems and related services to customers in the power generation and oil and gas sectors.


The announcement comes shortly after Siemens expressed its intention to make an offer to purchase Alstom, provided Siemens is given access to the company’s data room and permission to interview the management team during a four-week period. General Electric has also expressed an interest in purchasing Alstom, officially offering $13.5 billion to acquire three of Alstom’s units.

According to a report from Bloomberg News, the likelihood of a deal with Rolls-Royce and Siemens could be influenced by the outcome of the talks with Alstom, but it is possible Siemens could execute both deals.

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