Clothes Help Make the Meterman


Establishing a meterman’s uniform was important for public safety. Summer- and winter-weight uniforms were purchased by utilities for $30 and $45.27, respectively. The uniforms were then sold to metermen for $5 a month. “Service” stripes and stars were worn on the left sleeve. A stripe indicated one year of service and a star five years’ service. The company badge was worn with the uniform.


Portable Substations Find Wide use on BPA System

Portable Substations
Portable Substations

The war emergency and the rapid load growth since the war made the Bonneville Power Administration increasingly conscious of the need for portable substation equipment that could be quickly installed and put in operation. Uses for this equipment included:

1. Standby service at substations to support peak loads.

2. Spare transformer service to replace a failed transformer.

3. Temporary use at new stations until permanent equipment is obtained.

4. Service to government construction projects where power is required for a comparatively short period, such as service to an electric dredge.


Electric Camera Car Used at Olympics

Electric Camera Car

The ElecTrek vehicle, designed by Unique Mobility, helped cover the Olympic marathons for ABC. Powered by 16 Johnson Controls Globe EV-1000 batteries, the vehicle was custom-built as a mobile broadcast studio for the network. A separate set of Globe Gel/Cell batteries powered the television cameras and broadcast equipment carried on the vehicle.

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