Sioux City municipal utility to deploy Honeywell smart thermostat

South Sioux City, Nebraska will be the first community to deploy the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort, a smart thermostat app that helps users manage electricity costs.

The city, which has 13,000 residents, has electricity costs that increased by an average of 6 percent for the past three years.

The new thermostats are the cornerstone of a broader $5.4-million infrastructure improvement project with Honeywell, which is expected to help the city better track and manage energy use, stabilize electricity rates and generate more than $800,000 in energy efficiency savings each year.

The South Sioux City program also includes installation of new electrical meters, an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for the city and a new Honeywell-installed Wi-Fi network that will provide connectivity and communications for the upgrades, encrypted Wi-Fi for city emergency services, and support other city initiatives.

Participating customers receive a Honeywell Wi-Fi programmable thermostat, valued at $150, installed in their home free of charge.

Total Connect Comfort with ADR, a new Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat for the home that also connects with a suite of utility technology and services to manage energy consumption. The solution helps consumers trim their electricity bills while enabling utilities to avoid brownouts and blackouts during summer’s hottest days.

Using Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort app, homeowners can program and adjust their temperature and manage energy use from the living room couch or around the world with a smartphone or any Web-connected device. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that programmable thermostats can save the average homeowner nearly $200 on annual heating and cooling costs.

Energy and operational savings from the program are intended to cover the costs of the work, so the improvements should not require additional funding or taxpayer dollars.

Honeywell has begun installing the new equipment and expects to complete all improvements by year’s end.

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