Smart Grid-Ready Control Increases Automation and Efficiency

Smart Grid-Ready Control

Cooper Power Systems’ Smart Grid-ready, CBC-8000 capacitor bank control now offers an Ethernet communication module. The module provides seamless integration into new or existing CBC-8000 controls for intelligent communications capabilities. Specifically designed for remote operation and retrieval of field measurement data for analysis by integrated Volt/VAR applications, the CBC 8000 control is highly flexible and programmable, delivering three-phase site measurements and neutral current sensing. Each CBC-8000 supports independent Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) thresholds and provides seamless integration with various communication technologies or radios along with interfacing to back-end applications, including SCADA or DMS.

Cooper Power Systems

End-to-End Network Certification Program

Belden Inc. has rolled out an end-to-end certification program to help ensure customers’ industrial networks are reliable, adaptable and support growing control and information needs. Belden’s Certified Industrial Network Program provides several key benefits such as dual expertise and counsel. Belden partners with top system integrators in the industry, training them on best practices in network design, installation and testing and flexibility for the future. Belden designs with room for growth in mind, including expansion guidelines for customers to make changes on their own while retaining Belden Certified status. Belden provides cable, connectivity, and networking and security products from Hirschmann, GarrettCom, Lumberg and Tofino Security, certifying and guaranteeing an entire network of products and personalized customer service. For those with Belden Certified networks, a dedicated team is on call to offer advice and assistance, backed up with infrastructure design and test results.

Belden Inc.

Industrial Internet Solution to Public Wireless Networks

General Electric has released the industrial Internet solution, the MDSTM Orbit MCR-4G, designed to help owners of private communication networks such as utilities, oil and gas companies and energy-intensive industries leverage public cellular networks to securely communicate with field crews and industrial equipment and reduce the cost and time associated with maintaining their infrastructure. Built on the MDS Orbit platform, the MCR-4G addresses the need for a highly secure, industrial-grade wireless communications solution for broad-based applications such as substation or oil/gas production, pad device monitoring and video surveillance. It features Ethernet and serial interfaces to provide connectivity to current and previous generations of technology, along with a Wi-Fi radio using the 802.11 b/g/n standard, combined with a Verizon 4G LTE modem. The MCR-4G is equipped with robust security features, such as AES 128 encryption, supports RADIUS and AAA servers and complies with current NERC CIP and FIPS 140-2 requirements.

General Electric

Proximity Voltage Detectors

Proximity Voltage Detectors

HDE’s PRX Proximity Voltage Detectors are noncontact detectors with voltage ranges from 120V to 500kV. When voltage is detected, the PRX gives an audible and visual indication with a typical detection distance of 10 inches. The PRX has the ability to detect voltage on most elbow test points at the 120V setting. With a rechargeable internal battery, the PRX can be charged quickly from 12VDC automotive outlets or from 115-240VAC.

HD Electric Co.

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