Trilliant launches SecureMesh WAN to boost utility reliability

Trilliant unveiled the newly-enhanced SecureMesh WAN 1100 Series in advance of DistribuTECH, North America’s largest annual smart grid conference and exhibition.

The SecureMesh WAN is part of the Trilliant Communications Platform, a powerful combination of networking technologies pre-engineered to work seamlessly together, and purpose-built for smart grid.

The SecureMesh WAN is a broadband mesh network built specifically for utilities to provide the reliability, bandwidth and low latency necessary for advanced smart distribution applications such as Volt/VAR control, fault detection, isolation and restoration (FDIR), and other real-time smart distribution applications.

Even though our current electric grid is about 99.97 percent reliable, according to the Department of Energy, power disruptions are a major challenge for the U.S. industry. The Electric Power Research Institute estimates annual outages cost the nation about $150 billion each year, which is more than $500 for each person in the country.

“Utilities are being asked to do more with aging infrastructure,” said Rob Conant, Trilliant’s chief marketing officer. “Trilliant’s deep heritage serving the utility industry enables us to provide solutions that address these needs, combining advanced grid technologies and best-in-class communication networks. Trilliant’s SecureMesh WAN helps utilities future-proof their grid communications system so they are able to effectively manage distribution needs today and prepare for other smart grid applications tomorrow.”

The SecureMesh WAN 1100 Series now supports up to 12 mesh hops, allowing utilities to cover up to 10,000 square miles of territory with a single network takeout point. This reduces the cost to cover large service territories for all utilities.

SecureMesh WAN is built on an open, interoperable IP platform, supporting both legacy IPv4 and future IPv6 protocols. SecureMesh WAN supports key utility industry standards, including DNP3 and IEC 61850.

Part of the Trilliant Communications Platform, the SecureMesh WAN is a smart investment for utilities that must make prudent decisions today while keeping an eye on future smart grid opportunities. The Trilliant Communications Platform, including the SecureMesh WAN, will allow utilities to eventually manage all smart grid applications on a single, unified network. To learn more, visit Trilliant’s booth No. 815 at DistribuTECH.

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