U.S., China discuss peaceful uses of nuclear energy

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the China National Energy Administration (NEA) this week held the 8th Joint Coordinating Committee meeting of the 1998 U.S.-China Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology (PUNT) Agreement.

Both sides shared appreciation for the progress achieved in five PUNT working groups, discussed new issue areas for potential cooperation and agreed on the need for strengthened technical collaborations in nuclear energy technologies; safeguards and security; environment and waste management; nuclear emergency management; and radioactive source security.

NNSA and China’s NEA, along with interagency participants from both countries, meet annually at the PUNT Joint Coordinating Committee meeting to manage and oversee bilateral technical cooperation pursued under the 1998 U.S.-China PUNT Agreement. The agreement is a formal government-to-government mechanism established to support the civilian development of nuclear energy in both countries while addressing nuclear security, safety and proliferation risks.

U.S. agencies supporting and participating in PUNT meetings include: NNSA and the Department of Energy‘s Offices of Nuclear Energy and Environmental Management, as well as the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Departments of State and Commerce. China’s NEA leads U.S.-China PUNT discussions for the People’s Republic of China and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the China Atomic Energy Authority and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

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