Zen Ecosystems Hires Former FERC Chair as Adviser

Energy management firm Zen Ecosystems announced Thursday that GridPolicy Inc. CEO and former FERC chairman Jon Wellinghof has been hired as a strategic advisor.

Wellinghoff will provide Zen Ecosystems with strategic market development insight from his experience connecting disruptive energy systems with traditional utility structures. Wellinghoff will also tap into decades of operational leadership to facilitate Zen Ecosystems’ demand response integration with more utilities and municipalities.

 “Zen Ecosystems supports a key customer base of small- to mid-size enterprises, a group largely overlooked by energy management companies,” said Wellinghoff. “Filling that crucial market gap for both customers and utilities with innovative solutions will help bolster our increasingly connected grid ecosystem.”

During his tenure at FERC from 2009-2013, Wellinghoff oversaw the implementation of innovative energy market policies designed to improve the efficiency of the U.S. power system. Wellinghoff is primarily responsible for FERC Orders 745 and 755, which elevated demand response and energy storage in wholesale electric markets. At advisory firm GridPolicy, Inc, Wellinghoff helps innovative companies like Tesla Inc. expand their own distributed energy resource technologies and strategies.

“We are extremely honored to have Jon join our ranks,” said Zen Ecosystems CEO James McPhail. “His sustainability leadership and regulatory prowess will guide our business decisions as we continue to provide underserved markets with technology needed to improve energy management capabilities.”

Zen Ecosystems provides energy management solutions to businesses and consumers.


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