AEHI secures funding facility for Idaho nuclear site

Boise, Idaho, October 28, 2010 — Alternate Energy Holdings announced a Securities Purchase Agreement with Source Capital Group, Inc.

The agreement is for the committed purchase of up to 170 million shares of common stock, which is about $120 million to cover payments for land, water rights, engineering work and Nuclear Regulatory Commission application fees to obtain a combined construction and operating license for building and operating a nuclear power plant in Payette County, Idaho.

“Under the terms of the agreement we can draw upon the funding facility as needed for up to three years, which will allow us to effectively deploy capital following local approval in Idaho while minimizing dilution to shareholders. This facility is very timely as we expect the local approval process to be finished within the next few months,” said Don Gillispie, AEHI CEO.

The proposed plant has received overwhelming approval at previous hearings in Payette County, Idaho and has been given endorsements from every mayor in the county as well as the Payette and Fruitland Chambers of Commerce.

“We hope our success in Payette will become a model for other companies to seek out and build new nuclear power plants on greenfield sites. As a long-time executive in the nuclear industry, it has become clear that nuclear is needed. It is the only method for producing baseload power that is both inexpensive and clean. In the past, only massive utilities had the resources and wherewithal to undertake such a project. However, as an independent company with committed site funding, we are defining a new paradigm whereby nuclear plants can be deployed in a cost effective way, without passing on the capital costs to rate payers,” said Gillispie.

Source Capital’s obligations to purchase shares are subject to AEHI obtaining a registration statement for the shares of common stock.


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