Algeria wants to build its first nuclear power plant

The government of Algeria is seeking to build what would be the Northern African country’s first nuclear power plant in 2025.

A government minister told reporters May 19 that this decision is intended to diversify Algeria’s power generation mix. The country gets roughly 60 percent of its electricity from natural gas, making it heavily dependent upon fossil fuels to meet its energy needs.

Algeria is a member nation of OPEC and the world’s 13th largest producer of oil. The country reportedly wants to boost its generation as part of a plan to sell electricity to Europe, according to reports.

According to Algeria’s minister of energy and mines, Yousef Yousfi, the country’s uranium reserves are sufficient to power two 1,000 MW nuclear plants for 60 years, Xinhua news agency reports.

“The Nuclear Engineering Institute, recently, established, will be in charge of providing specific training for engineers and technicians ahead of tasking them with the mission of running the plant,” Yousfi said.

The news would appear to be a scaling back of ambitions, as Algeria announced in 2008 it intended to build its first nuclear plant in 2020.

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