Alstom launches GT13E2 gas turbine upgrade

Paris, March 6, 2012 — Alstom is introducing an upgraded version of its GT13E2 gas turbine. The GT13E2 gas turbine is Alstom’s offering in the E-class gas turbine market. The turbine was originally launched in 1993.

More than 150 gas turbines have been installed worldwide representing a total generation capacity of more than 32 GW. The gas turbine has recorded over seven million operating hours and has been used in various configurations and industrial applications globally.

Alstom registered a strong order intake for the GT13E2 gas turbines in 2011, recording one of the highest engine sales in a single year, since the product’s launch in the ’90s. Sales during the year included eight engines sold in Russia alone.

In 2011, Alstom has secured more than 50 percent of the Russian mid-sized gas turbine market. An additional six gas turbines were ordered for projects in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Iraq.

The upgraded GT13E2 turbine now offers over 200 MW power, an additional 10 percent electricity when compared to the earlier rating. The higher output is offered at an increased efficiency of 38 percent.

Every major area of the engine’s performance has been enhanced in this upgrade. It has been designed by using compressor technology from Alstom’s advanced class gas turbines, a development that allows it to deliver the additional output. The engine also offers enhanced environmental benefits by lowering carbon dioxide emissions and lowering water consumption by as much as 60 percent when burning oil.


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