Alstom renews agreement to service gas fired power plant in Vietnam

Paris, March 2, 2011 — Alstom has renewed a long-term service agreement with Phu My Thermal Power Co. Ltd., a unit of Electricity of Vietnam.

The agreement comes into force in the beginning of April and covers the gas turbines, steam turbines and the generators installed in the Phu My 2.1 and Phu My 4 gas-fired power plants.

Under this LTSA, Alstom will provide over a term of eight years, maintenance services and supply parts for the main equipment installed.

In the Phu My 2.1 and Phu My 4 gas-fired power plants, Alstom delivered four GT13E2 units, of which the first two units, in Phu My 2.1 entered commercial operation in December 1997 and the other two units in Phu My 4 entered operation in August 2004.

In 2003, Alstom signed a LTSA with Phu My Thermal Power Co. for both Phu My 2.1 and Phu My 4 power plants. Based on an excellent experience and cooperation between Phu My Thermal Power and Alstom in the past years, Phu My Thermal Power decided to renew the said LTSA.

The Phu My Thermal Power Co. operates successfully an installed capacity of 2,485 MW that accounts for about 12 percent of Vietnam‘s total installed capacity and 20 percent of the national energy output.

Phu My is an important gas-fired plant and supplies reliable power to national utility EVN’s Grid, supporting local industries and development. As nearly 33 percent of Vietnam’s power is generated from natural water resources, especially during the dry season, the safe and reliable production of this gas plant is extremely important.

Through the LTSA, EVN’s Phu My power plant will benefit from the sustainable high efficiency of Alstom’s combined-cycle technology that delivers lower carbon emissions, as well as feedback from the global experience of Alstom’s worldwide installed base.

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