Alstom to retrofit generators at coal-fired plant in Poland

Paris, March 14, 2011 – Alstom signed a contract with PGE Gornictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A., which operates Belchatow, a coal-fired power plant in Poland, to retrofit six generators at the power plant’s units 7 to 12.

Alstom‘s generator retrofit will enable each unit’s power output to be increased by over 20 MW bringing the units’ power output to 390 MW, as well as extend the lifetime of the units by 25 years. The total output increase of the project will be more than 120 MW.

PGE began modernizing Belchatow in 1997, and awarded Alstom a contract to retrofit the plant’s low-pressure steam turbines.

PGE has since continued its strategy concerning power plant modernization and again contracted Alstom for the steam turbine retrofit of units 3-12, to ensure Belchatow’s compliance with EU emissions directives and to extend the lifetime of the units.

In April 2009 Alstom won a contract to perform an integrated retrofit of the plant’s unit 6 and, in November 2010, Alstom was awarded a contract to retrofit the turbine island at units 7-12 of the power plant.

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