Alstom to service Lake Road natural gas power plant in Connecticut

Lake Road Generating Co. entered into a $160 million service contract with Alstom for its 844 MW combined-cycle power plant located in Dayville, Connecticut. The agreement covers the Lake Road facility’s three Alstom GT24 gas turbines.

Lake Road is a merchant power producer with three combined cycle generating units located on a 60-acre site located in Dayville, Connecticut. The power train for each unit features an Alstom GT24B combustion turbine, ABB VAX steam turbine, and an ABB generator in a single-shaft configuration. Each combined cycle unit also contains an Alstom dual pressure reheat heat recovery steam generator, Balke Duerr air cooled condenser and ABB Advant distributed control system.

Natural gas is supplied to the site through a dedicated lateral connection into the Algonquin natural gas transmission system. Electrically the facility is interconnected into Northeast Utilities 345 KV system through a switchyard located on the site.

In addition to the delivery of parts and equipment for the performance of planned maintenance, Alstom will furnish the Lake Road team with all necessary craft labor as well as on-site technical field advisors. The contract also includes delivery of an Alstom gas turbine upgrade package consisting of technical and operational improvements designed to lower the cost of running and maintaining gas turbines by extending time between inspections.


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