Alstom to service Petrobras power generation equipment in Brazil

Alstom Power has renewed a maintenance contract with Petrobras for seven years to service 11 gas turbines, four steam turbines and 14 generators installed in their Governador Leonel Brizola (Termorio), Fernando Gasparian (Piratininga) and Celso Furtado (Termobahia) combined-cycle power plants.

The contract, worth around $115 million, comprises technical assistance services and parts for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the three power plants.

Petrobras is a large Brazilian company with activities involving exploration and production, refining, selling and transport of natural gas and oil, petrochemical, distribution of byproducts, power, biofuels and other renewable power sources.

The 1,040 MW Governador Leonel Brizola and 586 MW Fernando Gasparian gas-fired power plants are based on Alstom’s GT11N2 technology and entered commercial operation in 2004. The 185 MW Celso Furtado power plant is based on Alstom’s GT24 technology and entered commercial operation in 2003. Each of these plants has been serviced by Alstom since commercial operation.

Alstom has a long contribution to Brazil’s power generation market. It has already installed over 100 turbines and generators in the past ten years. Besides Leonel Brizola, Fernando Gasparian and Celso Furtado gas-fired power plants, Alstom has also provided equipment and services for the 310 MW Central Termelàƒ©trica Fortaleza and the 490 MW ThyssenKrupp CSA Sideràƒºrgica do Atlàƒ-ntico gas-fired power plants.

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