Alstom to upgrade GWF Energy power plant in California

Paris, October 28, 2010 — Alstom signed a contract with U.S. independent power producer GWF Energy to supply key equipment to GWF’s power plant in Tracy, California.

The project will increase the plant’s efficiency while providing the operational flexibility required to support GWF‘s new power purchase agreement with Pacific Gas and Electric.

The Tracy power plant is being converted from a peaker plant with an output of 169 MW to a combined cycle power plant with an output of 336 MW.

As part of the project, Alstom will provide a Steam Tail, consisting of one COMAX-1 steam turbine and generator and two OCC heat recovery steam generators.

The design of the Alstom Steam Tail will deliver benefits for GWF during the construction and commercial operation of the power plant.

Following its conversion, the Tracy Combined Cycle Power Plant will supply flexible energy to meet the power needs of the San Francisco Bay area with 167 extra MW of generation capacity.

When it enters commercial operation in 2012, this combined cycle plant will have the capacity to generate enough power for about 250,000 homes, as well as being able to adapt rapidly to changes in electricity demand.

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