Areva reactor concept selected as design for next-gen nuclear plants

February 15, 2012 — The Next Generation Nuclear Plant Industry Alliance selected the Areva Generation IV reactor concept as the optimum design for next generation nuclear plants.

The Areva design is a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor and would provide a source of nuclear energy with inherent safety features and zero greenhouse gas emissions.

HTGR technology provides improved safety and security through its inherent design, by ensuring no internal or external event could lead to a release of radioactive material, as proven by experimental and demonstration reactors around the world.

The Areva HTGR technology’s capability and modular design would support a broad range of market sectors, providing efficient energy to industries such as electrical power generation, petrochemicals, non-conventional oil recovery and synthetic fuel production.

Deploying next generation nuclear technology is a critical step in solving the long-term need for secure sources of energy, conserving fossil fuels and slowing the growth of greenhouse gas emissions. Clean, safe nuclear energy from HTGR would increase U.S. energy independence and extend the life of domestic oil and natural gas resources.

Commercialization of HTGR, through a plentiful and advantaged energy supply, would support the growth and competitiveness of the U.S. industrial manufacturing sector and help create new jobs within the U.S.

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