Areva to use robots to service nuclear plants

Cambridge, Mass., October 16, 2012 — Energid Technologies Corp. has been chosen to apply its Actin software to robotic systems being developed by Areva Corp. for servicing and inspection of nuclear power plants.

As robotics technology continues to advance, potentially dangerous manual servicing and inspection missions are being replaced by robotics. Areva is seeking safe, effective, robotic solutions to myriad problems encountered in the nuclear industry.

Actin was originally developed for NASA for simplifying the control of complex space robots. The software has since evolved into a premier software suite, used for everything from space exploration to robotic oil drilling to easy-to-use industrial manipulators—the latter through its partner company, Robai.

Energid Technologies develops robotic systems and products for the aerospace, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, defense and medical industries.

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