Book guides readers through trouble-free trading of energy futures and options

March 20, 2003 — When conducting trades of energy futures and options these days, it is increasingly important that companies learn to properly use the various trading instruments to protect themselves against price volatility.

Since the first successful energy futures contract was introduced almost a quarter century ago, trading in energy futures and options has played an important role in hedging against fluctuations in the price of petroleum products, crude oil, natural gas, propane, electricity, and most recently, coal.

In this 2nd edition of their best-selling primer, “Fundamentals of Trading Energy Futures & Options,” authors Steven Errera and Stewart L. Brown explain how exchange traded futures and options markets work, and how companies can successfully use the markets in their overall strategy to increase profitability.

They cover everything from market mechanics, hedging, spread trading, and technical trading to history and growth of the markets. Also included is an extensive appendix detailing contract specifications for 13 energy futures/options contracts.

Table of contents:

“- Updated futures and options trading volume, open interest and deliveries of the world’s most active exchange traded energy contracts
“- Specifications of the Appalachian Coal Futures Contract on the New York Merchantile Exchange and current revisions to twelve other energy contracts.
“- Present status of fifty-two energy futures contracts.
“- Futures and options contracts markets
“- Market mechanics
“- Behavior of commodity futures prices
“- Speculation and spread trading
“- Hedging
“- Introduction to options on futures
“- Energy options strategies
“- Technical factors
“- History and growth
“- Economic implications of energy futures and options
“- Appendices
“- Glossary
“- Index

About the authors:

Steven Errera, former president of Energy Futures, Inc., is noted in his field as a lecturer and writer having contributed articles to many economic and energy-related publications. He is a former vice president of the New York Mercantile Exchange where he was responsible for writing and marketing its No. 2 Heating Oil Futures Contract.

Stewart L. Brown is a chartered financial analyst and professor of finance at Florida State University in Tallahassee. He has published numerous articles in financial and economic journals.

For more information:

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Publication Date: February 2002
Trim Size/Binding: 6×9 hardcover
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