Calpine Corp. to purchase 800 MW Texas power plant

New York, October 4, 2012 — Bosque Power Co. is selling its 800 MW Bosque power plant in central Texas to Calpine Corp.

Bosque Power Co.’s 800-MW power plant includes two generation blocks: a 250-MW block with one natural-gas turbine, one heat-recovery steam generator and one steam turbine that achieved commercial operations; and a 550-MW block containing two natural-gas turbines, as well as two heat-recovery steam generators and one steam turbine.

The power plant is located on a 280-acre site about 70 miles south of Dallas. In 2007, the plant’s capacity was upgraded from a pair of single-cycle natural gas units to a combined cycle configuration. In mid-June 2001, the facility was taken over by the Mirant Corp., a spinoff of Southern Co.

In May 1, 2007, Mirant announced the completion of the sale of six U.S. natural gas-fired plants, including the Bosque County site, to Broadway Generating Co., a member of the LS Power Group. The plant was originally built in 1999.

The parties are targeting a transaction close in early November 2012.


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