CERA appoints Zenker to head North American gas team

CAMBRIDGE, MASS., January 21, 2003 — Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) has appointed Michael Zenker as Director for North American Natural Gas and added three senior experts to its North American natural gas industry team. Philippe A. Frangules and Marie Fagan have joined CERA as Directors, and Michael F. Farina has joined as Associate Director.

The new team members’ expertise ranges from strategic planning and upstream commercial development to energy distribution and market analysis:

* Michael Zenker, Director, North American Natural Gas, is an expert on natural gas and wholesale electricity markets. Previously, as Director, Western North America Energy, Zenker had extensive experience with Western natural gas markets and California’s new electricity market. Zenker has extensive experience in natural gas price and price basis forcasting, demand modeling, pipeline and storage analysis, and regional gas flow analysis. He has asssessed the impacts on the gas industry from the wave of new natural gas-fired generation plants and assisted clients with business strategy, asset development, pipeline and storage capacity investment decisions, and procurement strategies.

Zenker contributes to CERA’s quarterly North American Natural Gas Watch and the monthly natural gas market Midmonth Report. Zenker is a member of the Coordinating Subcommittee of the Committee on Natural Gas of the U.S. Natural Petroleum Council. Before joining CERA, Zenker was the Manager of Energy Trading at Southern California Edison, where he was responsible for gas and electricity trading. He was also responsible for natural gas transportation and storage at Southern California Edison. Based in Oakland, Calif., Zenker holds an M.B.A and a B.Sc. in nuclear engineering from the University of California.

* Philippe A. Frangules, Director, Business Development, advises CERA clients in the global gas and power industries on the strategic choices for growth. His experience includes utility restructuring, asset diversification, retail energy markets, wholesale strategies, and new technologies. Before joining CERA, Frangules was co-founder of Excelergy Corp., where he was involved in business development, e-commerce, financing, and market development for this software/Internet company serving the energy and other restructuring industries.

Previously he held senior posts with Boston Edison Company where, as Vice President, Strategic Planning and Development, he was responsible for corporate strategy and for creating and managing the portfolio of unregulated businesses to create new business opportunities. Frangules formerly held executive positions with Alliance Consulting/ Quantum Associates, with corporate strategy projects in France and South Africa as well as the United States; and with Shearson Lehman Brothers and Shawmut Bank. Based in Cambridge, Frangules holds a B.A. from Bowdoin College and an M.B.A. from MIT Sloan School of Management.

* Marie Fagan, Director, is an expert in the economics of gas and oil exploration and development, and energy company profitability. Her 13 years of professional experience includes service as Director of International Gas Programs for International Human Resources Development Corporation and as an Associate Director for CERA’s World Oil Team. Before joining CERA she was an economist with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA), where she conducted financial and economic analysis of energy markets, petroleum fiscal regimes, and the financial structure of the oil and gas industry.

Previously she was an associate at Decision Analysis Corporation of Virginia, where she focused on economic analysis, modeling, and forecasting to support EIA. She is the author of the CERA Private Reports Cost-Effective Deepwater Development: Seeing the Forest from the Trees, Upstream Costs–Why the Gap Will Widen, and The Technology Revolution and Upstream Costs, and co-author of the CERA Decision Briefs The Impact of Falling Oil Prices on Upstream Operations and Managing the Rig Shortage. Based in Cambridge, she holds a B.Sc. from the University of Connecticut School of Business Administration and an M.A. and a Ph.D. from the American University.

* Mike Farina, Associate Director, is an expert in U.S. West gas markets, including market analysis, gas and power industry modeling and forecasting, energy economics, and regulation. Previously Farina was with Platts Research and Consulting with a focus on gas and power market analysis projects, including pipeline valuation, market fundamentals, scenario planning, LNG projects, electric and gas interface modeling, and effects of the Kyoto Protocol on energy markets. Formerly he conducted financial analyses with the State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs, covering resource planning and the impact of oil and gas exploration in the San Juan Basin. Based in Boulder, Colo., Farina holds a B.A. from Colorado State University and an M.A. from the University of Colorado.

CERA’s North American Natural Gas research team includes dedicated research analysts and advisors with a wide range of industry expertise. In addition, the team draws on the integrated energy knowledge and extensive resources of over 220 CERA staff worldwide, many of whom are engaged in natural gas and related markets, technologies, and strategies. The CERA North American natural gas research and knowledge base is built on two decades of investment and commitment to the industry, and is strongly committed to providing thought leadership and insight into the future of the gas business and the implications for markets and strategies.

Cambridge Energy Research Associates is a leading advisor to major international companies, financial institutions and organizations, delivering strategic knowledge and independent analysis on energy markets, geopolitics, industry trends and strategy. CERA is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., and has offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Calgary, Houston, Mexico City, Moscow, Oakland, Oslo, Paris, Sao Paolo, Seoul and Washington, D.C.

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