ConocoPhillips acquires proprietary gasification technology from Global Energy Inc.

Houston, Aug. 12, 2003 — ConocoPhillips has completed a transaction with Global Energy Inc. to acquire patents and intellectual property associated with the company’s proprietary E-GASâ„- Technology for Gasification. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The E-GAS Technology is an advanced Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) gasifier technology that combines modern gasification with gas turbine and steam power generation technologies to produce electric power, as well as co-producing synthesis gas, hydrogen and steam. It is among the cleanest, most efficient commercial technologies for coal-based electric power generation, offering high-system efficiencies, lower costs and very low emissions, when compared with conventional pulverized-coal power generation.

“This proven gasification technology is a strategic addition to our growing ‘clean fuels’ portfolio,” said Brian Evans, division manager, ConocoPhillips Fuels Technology. “ConocoPhillips’ extensive experience in exploration and production, refining, fuel marketing and transportation, combined with our additional expertise in clean fuels technology and power development, will create a number of valuable synergies to benefit our customers, while supporting our industry-leading commitment to environmental stewardship.”

E-GAS Technology converts coal and other low-grade feedstocks, including petroleum coke, heavy oil and other waste materials that may have a negative economic value, into an ultra-clean synthesis gas containing hydrogen. The process allows virtually all pollutant-forming impurities to be removed.

The Wabash River Coal Gasification Repowering Project, in West Terre Haute, Indiana, has been demonstrating the technology on a commercial basis since 1995. The 262-megawatt facility utilizes high-sulfur coals or petroleum coke, to produce clean, hydrogen-rich synthesis gas for a gas turbine, combined-cycle plant. The combination of high-efficiency gasification technology producing low-cost clean fuel for a gas and steam turbine combination makes the Wabash facility extremely efficient in extracting useable energy from coal, petroleum coke and other solid fuel.

“The Wabash River Gasification Plant is the cleanest coal-fired power plant in the world, with sulfur dioxide emissions less than one-tenth of Federal Clean Air Act standards, low nitrogen oxide emissions, and near zero detectable particulate emissions,” said Dwight Lockwood, vice president, Regulatory Affairs, Global Energy Inc. “While generating nearly six times the annual power output of the previous unit, reductions of thousands of tons per year of SO2, NOx and particulates are being achieved annually.”

“Putting the E-GAS Technology in the hands of a major energy company like ConocoPhillips will help unlock its potential and position it as a dominant technology in the gasification field,” Lockwood continued.

A leader in the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Clean Coal Technology Program,” the Wabash River Plant has gasified over two million tons of coal and petroleum coke over the past eight years. Global Energy will retain ownership and operating responsibility for the Wabash River gasification facility.

Global Energy Inc. is an international, independent energy company with expertise in gasification technology, alternative fuels and environmental technologies. The company is a founding member of the Washington D.C.-based Gasification Technologies Council. The company is focused on IGCC gasification projects designed to deliver top environmental and economic results for the power, gas and transportation fuel markets.

ConocoPhillips is an integrated petroleum company with interests around the world. Headquartered in Houston, the company had approximately 55,800 employees, $81 billion of assets, and $105 billion of annualized revenues as of June 30, 2003. For more information, go to

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