Constellation Energy nuclear power plant completes planned refueling, maintenance

Baltimore, April 21, 2011 — Constellation Energy Nuclear Group, announced that Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station Unit 1 in Scriba, N.Y., returned to 100 percent power following the completion of a planned refueling and maintenance outage.

The refueling outage began March 21 and was safely completed on April 19. NMP’s Unit 2 continues to operate at full power.

During the outage, workers performed more than a thousand safety inspections and maintenance activities on a variety of plant components and systems. Many of the activities performed during the outage cannot be accomplished while the unit is operational, and all are designed to ensure the continued safe, efficient and reliable production of electricity.

NMP’s two units are on a 24-month refueling cycle. Efficient completion of this necessary work, combined with longer operating cycles, helps the customer by optimizing nuclear energy‘s benefits as a reliable source of emissions-free electricity.

CENG’s five nuclear reactors at three generating stations continue to set high standards in safety efficiency and reliability in the generation of electricity. CENG had an average capability factor of 94.2 percent in 2010, the seventh consecutive year its capability factor exceeded 93 percent.

Capability factor is the measure of how much electricity is produced, compared with the amount of electricity a unit is capable of producing, within a given period of time. A high capability factor implies high reliability.

Nine Mile Point is located on the shores of Lake Ontario 50 miles north of Syracuse, N.Y. The station’s two nuclear energy units can produce a total of more than 1,750 MW at full power — enough electricity to power more than 1 million homes.

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