Construction proceeds at China’s Taishan Nuclear Power Plant

Construction work is progressing on two European pressurized reactors in China, carried out by the owner and future operator of the site, the Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co. (TNPJVC), a 30 percent stake in which belongs to EDF, and the rest to Chinese utility CGNPC.

The building site for the first reactor has entered a new stage with the completion of the work installing the reactor vessel and the installation of four steam generators and the pressurizer inside the reactor building.

The two EPR reactors currently under construction in Taishan are benefiting from the lessons learned at EPR reactor sites in Finland and France; the welding work on the primary circuit1 was completed 30 percent quicker than at the Olkiluoto 3 site.

Before the installation phase, the lessons learned from experience also helped to reduce the time taken to build the four steam generators, in France by 40 percent compared to those having been built for other EPR reactors, making the French nuclear industry more competitive.

The primary circuit of the EPR reactor is made up of 4 identical loops connected to the vessel, each one including a steam generator, a pump and the associated pipes.


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