Cooper Power Systems Smart Grid-Ready Control

Cooper Power Systems

Cooper Power Systems has released its smart grid-ready control. The CBC-8000 capacitor bank control offers an Ethernet communication module. The module provides seamless integration into new or existing CBC-8000 controls for intelligent communications capabilities. The platform expansion provides added efficiency with power over Ethernet capability, allowing customers to leverage IP-based communication networks for programming and data collection to increase automation.

Cooper Power Systems

Actionable Data, Improved Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Stepping in to better equip and empower utility organizations with streamlined testing and management tools, Doble Engineering has three critically important solutions: dobleARMSTM, the M7100 Power Apparatus Analyzer and Protection Suite 2.2. DobleARMS will provide utility companies with an online monitoring and risk assessment platform that goes beyond condition-based maintenance, delivering actionable diagnostic data to its users. Tackling two major concerns for utility workers — safety and time — Doble’s M7100 will revolutionize the way offline testing is done. Available later this year, it will be on display for the first time this month at the 80th International Conference of Doble Clients.

Doble Engineering

Industry’s Only Mid-Sized Brush Cutter

TBB-3002 Brush Blazer

TBB-3002 Brush Blazer features a 48-inch cut width, the brush blazer is the stand-alone solution between smaller-scale lawn units and large, commercial forestry attachments. The Brush Blazer packs an exceptional amount of power, which boosts productivity and allows the unit to tackle trees up to 4 inches in diameter. The unit is ideal for hazardous vegetation management and wildfire prevention. It is available with a 28-horsepower Briggs & Stratton Vanguard or a 27-horsepower Kohler EFI engine. The Brush Blazer weighs 1,250 pounds, is 59 inches wide and 96 inches long. It is easily transported on a standard landscape trailer or even in the bed of an 8-foot pickup truck.

New PECO Inc.

Portable Alarm System

Portable Alarm System

The tattletale commercial unit has been protecting job sites for over 15 years. With its patented cell burst technology, the base unit quickly protects what others cannot by providing a portable, innovative and durable design. In a few simple steps, you can have your base unit up and running with a half mile of perimeter protection against intrusion, property and environmental damage. There are more than 1200 utility substations, nuclear power plants and Blackhawk helicopters protected by tattletale. Nothing stops a tattletale.


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