Distributed energy storage pilot project installed in Austin

Windsor, Colo., March 11, 2010 — Ice Energy, a provider of advanced energy storage for the electric utility industry, has completed the installation of a distributed energy storage pilot project, in conjunction with Austin Energy, at the South Austin Recreational Center, located in South-Central Austin.

The project represents the first installation of Ice Energy‘s Ice Bear distributed energy storage technology in the State of Texas.

Storing cleaner, more efficient and more abundant energy off peak, and delivering it on peak, at the site of consumption, Ice Energy’s Ice Bear distributed energy storage system is an energy storage solution specifically developed for deployment on small to mid-sized commercial buildings.

Widespread deployment of these units could help Austin Energy improve energy system efficiency, while absorbing off-peak wind generation and balancing Austin’s growing number of solar arrays.

In addition, the Ice Bear’s built-in Smart Grid Controller allows the units to be remotely monitored and dispatched to provide real-time, verifiable load control, contributing to Austin Energy’s Smart Grid 2.0. The project will also help Austin Energy assess its plans for further energy storage installations.

“The Texas load profile is ideally suited for this type of energy storage,” said John McGee, COO of Ice Energy. “The large, thermally-driven summer peak, coupled with substantial renewable generation and an advanced Smart Grid installation, enable the Ice Energy solution to deliver a high level of value, right when the grid can benefit the most.”

Ice Energy is also a participant in the Pecan Street Project, Austin’s innovative clean-energy initiative, which recently received $10.4 million from the Department of Energy and will include energy storage at their Mueller Airport redevelopment project.

Ice Energy delivers distributed energy storage and smart grid solutions for transforming energy system efficiency and improving grid reliability.

The company’s smart grid platform integrates revolutionary distributed energy storage technology with an advanced software infrastructure and intelligent two-way control to provide utilities with a powerful, cost-effective solution that fundamentally changes peak load management, and improves integration of intermittent, renewable energy resources onto the grid.

By leveraging the higher efficiencies associated with generating and transmitting power off-peak, storing it at thousands of distributed locations, and dispatching it during times of peak demand, Ice Energy’s distributed energy storage system represents a transformational new energy solution for the industry.

The company is headquartered in Windsor, Colorado, with offices in Lake Forest and Sacramento, California.


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