DOE awards uranium disposition contract to UDS consortium

Sept. 6, 2002 — Uranium Disposition Services (UDS) has been awarded a contract by the US Department of Energy (DOE), valued at $558 million, to transform and dispose of its depleted uranium inventory.

UDS is a joint venture company formed for this project and is composed of three partners: Framatome ANP (an AREVA and Siemens company), Duratek Federal Services and Burns and ROE Enterprises.

The depleted uranium is in the form of uranium hexafluoride gas (UF6) and currently is stored in numerous cylinders located at DOE enrichment facilities. Framatome ANP will provide the conversion technology to transform the UF6 gas into powder form suitable for disposal. The company currently operates two similar technology conversion plants in its commercial nuclear fuel manufacturing.

The contract, effective until August 2010, covers the design, construction and operation of two uranium oxide conversion plants in Paducah, KY and Portsmouth, OH .It also covers the management of the uranium stocks at Oak Ridge, TN and its transportation to the Portsmouth conversion plant.

Vincent Maurel, President and CEO of Framatome ANP and member of AREVA’s Executive Committee, said “This contract is a wonderful sign of the trust put in us by the American authorities who have chosen to use a technology developed by the AREVA Group. It is a reward for our know-how and the skill of our employees.”

Duretek Federal Services will provide the transportation and disposal expertise for the converted powder while Burns and Roe will provide engineering and construction management for the facilities.

AREVA, a provider of nuclear energy and connectors, brings together Cogema, Framatome ANP and FCI. The Group has 50,000 employees and offices in 30 countries with revenues of nearly 9 billion euros in 2001.

Framatome ANP, an Areva and Siemens company, constructs nuclear plants. Its main activities are the engineering, design and manufacture of I&C systems, servicing of nuclear plants, manufacture of heavy components, supply of nuclear fuel for various types of reactor, including reactors designed by other constructors, as well as the design and construction of nuclear plants and research reactors.

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