Earthquake-triggered alert ends at nuclear power plant near Mineral, Virgina

Richmond, Va., August 24, 2011 Dominion ended the alert at its North Anna Power Station near Mineral, Va., at 11:16 a.m., August 24 after starting a reactor cooling pump for each of the two units. The reactors were cooled by natural circulation and emergency pumps while the reactor coolant pumps were not operating.

The station remains in a Notification of Unusual Event, the least serious of four Nuclear Regulatory Commission emergency classifications, while the reactor cool-down and inspections of plant equipment and systems continues.

The station’s two nuclear reactors shut down following an earthquake near the station that occurred at 1:51 p.m. EDT, August 23. The reactors shut down automatically and no damage has been reported to systems required to maintain the station in a safe condition. Several aftershocks felt in the region did not affect the station.

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