Emerson supplying controls for new nuclear reactors in China

Austin, Texas, March 9, 2011 Westinghouse Electric Co. has awarded Emerson Process Management contracts totaling about $17 million to supply its Ovation expert control technology at four new Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactors in China.

The award continues a long relationship between the two companies, with the Ovation control system or its predecessors already installed at most existing Westinghouse nuclear reactors.

The new reactors will help China cleanly, efficiently, and safely generate additional baseload electricity to meet the country’s needs, which are growing at more than 8 percent per year, according to the World Nuclear Association.

Emerson‘s Ovation system will be installed at the Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant in Zhejiang Province and at the Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant in Shandong Province. Each plant has two 1,000-MW reactors currently under construction, with more units planned.

The first Sanmen unit is scheduled to come online in 2013; the first Haiyang unit is expected to begin commercial operation one year later.

For these units, Ovation technology will control power generation processes, provide an interface to operations and maintenance systems, and collect and distribute plant-wide information for process and power generation management.

Under separate contracts awarded previously, Emerson also is providing Fisher control valves, TopWorx position sensors, and Bettis valve actuators for the Sanmen and Haiyang units.

Emerson and Westinghouse have worked together to address the needs of the nuclear market since Emerson’s acquisition of Westinghouse’s non-nuclear instrumentation and controls business in 1998.

In 2007, the two companies signed a 10-year extension of an existing agreement for Emerson to provide key technology for automation of nuclear power plants that utilize the AP1000 and other plant designs. The AP1000 is fast becoming the new plant technology of choice throughout the world, including in the United States, where the AP1000 is the selected technology for more than one-half of the announced plants.

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