Emerson wins system modernization contract at Polish coal plant

Pittsburgh, December 1, 2009 — Emerson Process Management won a contract to update the instrumentation and controls on units 5 and 6 of the Belchatow Power Plant in Poland.

This project is part of a major reconstruction and modernization program that is intended to improve plant performance, increase availability and reduce environmental impact.

Operated by the state-owned Polska Grupa Energetyczna, the Belchatow Power Plant consists of twelve 370-MW units, with a total generating capacity of 4,400 MW.

A new unit is to be completed by the end of 2010 that will provide an additional 850 MW of capacity. This latest award follows on from a contract Emerson received in 2007, to update units 3 and 4.

The latest project on units 5 and 6 will see Emerson serving as the main automation contractor, responsible for modernizing the instrumentation, control and electrical subsystems.

Emerson will perform engineering and management services that include the installation of its PlantWeb digital plant architecture with the Ovation control system.

Using open WirelessHART products, Emerson’s Smart Wireless network will connect over 110 Rosemount wireless temperature transmitters that will monitor boiler temperatures on each unit.

The complete retrofit project will enable the units to reach 320,000 hours of operation.

In addition, the project will contribute to emissions reductions from the two units with carbon dioxide falling below 200 mg/m3.

The modernization of the instrumentation and control systems will improve the reliability of the units, helping the plant to maintain 99.5 percent availability and enabling PGE to meet the growing demands of the Polish power market.

As the main automation contractor, Emerson will apply its significant engineering expertise to design, install and commission the digital automation system and also perform various specialized services on the units’ electrical subsystems, such as the generator, transformers, feeder ducts and switchgear.

Emerson’s Ovation system will monitor and control each unit’s boiler and balance of plant processes and equipment, as well as the 0.4kV and 6kV electrical switchgear and unit power output.

In addition, it will interface with each unit’s turbine control and thermal protection systems. The new Ovation system will oversee automatic boiler/unit start-up/shutdown and automatic unit operation within the full range of load changes. For optimum productivity, plant operators will monitor both units from a central, integrated control room.

As part of the PlantWeb digital automation architecture, Emerson will install instrumentation including Rosemount pressure and temperature devices, and analytical equipment.

HART communications protocol will enable PGE to access the predictive intelligence of the field devices via Emerson’s AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager. This will also be used to help optimize plant performance, improve maintenance and help avoid unplanned downtime.

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