Emissions system in Oyster Creek power plant achieves 5 ppm NOx

JUPITER, Fla., May 5m 2003 — Power Systems Mfg., LLC (PSM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Calpine Corp., announced it has set a new standard for dry low Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions control in natural gas-fired industrial turbines.

PSM installed its Low Emissions Combustion (LEC) system into a General Electric Frame 7EA gas turbine unit for Dow Chemical’s Oyster Creek Plant in Freeport, Texas. The Oyster Creek Plant, operated by Dow Chemical, is actively addressing the challenge of complying with the new NOx reduction regulation affecting all plants in Houston and the surrounding areas.

The LEC system installation was completed in less than a week. At final settings, the unit’s baseload emissions were 4.75 ppm NOx and 0 ppm CO at a 2,055 degrees Fahrenheit firing temperature — meeting PSM’s design target of 5.0 ppm NOx. This is an industry first for General Electric’s Frame 7EA turbine emissions control.

Full turndown capability was maintained, and at low part-load operation, the LEC system achieved emissions levels similar to baseload operation. When PSM’s LEC was selected, the goal was to achieve the lowest LEC emission rate possible. PSM’s LEC performance results will vary depending upon specific site conditions.

The Oyster Creek Plant is a natural gas-fired combined-cycle, cogeneration facility, which uses three General Electric Frame 7EA natural gas-fired combustion turbines to produce up to 255 megawatts of clean power. Prior to the installation of the PSM LEC system, the gas turbine unit was equipped with a General Electric Dry Low NOx combustion system and was producing 12.6 ppm NOx and 3.3 ppm CO during normal operation at baseload. Today, with the PSM LEC system in place, this turbine has been independently certified to emit 62 percent less NOx, and nearly 100 percent less CO, providing significant reductions in emissions.

“PSM successfully set a new emissions control standard for Dry Low NOx systems on General Electric Frame 7EA turbines,” said Tom Churbuck, President of PSM.

“PSM has emerged as the leader in the development and commercialization of emissions control technology for the industrial gas turbine industry. PSM’s LEC surpassed all expectations,” added Vince Martling, PSM’s Director and Chief Aerothermal Technology Officer. “We have not even reached our maximum Low Emissions Combustion system’s capability, but yet we have exceeded all our competitors’ results by 40-50 percent. This is truly remarkable, and I feel privileged to be a contributor to its success.”

The Dow Chemical Company’s (NYSE: DOW – News) Curtis Bank stated, “In the future we intend to use PSM’s new-generation fuel nozzle technology and expect to see an additional 10 percent reduction in NOx. (4.2 ppm). I was also very impressed with PSM and its dedicated staff and the strict attention to detail displayed during the design and installation of this system. There was no extra down time associated with the LEC installation during our Hot Gas Path inspection. PSM came in prepared and executed flawlessly. It is a top notch company.”

Power Systems Manufacturing, LLC, based in Jupiter, Fla., is an industry leader in combustion turbine component engineering design and production. PSM manufactures new vanes, blades, combustors and other replacement parts for the industrial gas turbine industry.

The company also offers a wide range of LEC systems and advanced airfoils designed to be transparently compatible for retrofitting or replacing existing combustion systems or components operating in General Electric and Siemens Westinghouse turbines.

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