EnronOnline real-time quotes now available over GlobalView Software’s products and services

Chicago, IL, November 19, 2001 – US-based GlobalView Software Inc., a provider of software solutions and integrated information for the commodities markets, today announced the availability of EnronOnline Real-Time Quotes to its customers worldwide.

Users worldwide can subscribe to EnronOnline Real-Time Quotes as an optional add-on service, available over the full spectrum of GlobalView’s products and services. Specifically, the service will include real-time bids, offers, and midpoints as well as high, low and closing midpoint indications from hundreds of commodities and derivatives on EnronOnline including power, natural gas, crude oil and refined products, bandwidth, metals, coal, emission allowances, sea freight and weather derivatives. The service provides quotes on North American and European markets. Quotes are available in real-time during EnronOnline’s market hours. In global markets such as crude oil, some quotes are updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

GlobalView Software’s users will receive EnronOnline quotes data in a digitized format, integrated on a single screen with their other market information. In addition, the quotes are databased so that users can retrieve, view, track and analyze the full spectrum of EnronOnline’s quote information using the innovative suite of analytical tools offered by GlobalView Software Inc. More information on this service is available at www.gvsi.com/enrononlinequotes

Jon Olson, GlobalView Software Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer said: “The addition of EnronOnline’s Real-Time Quotes to our information service, GlobalData, confirms our commitment to providing customers the most extensive coverage of energy market data currently available. The burgeoning trading volumes occurring on online exchanges makes the availability of the EnronOnline Real-Time Quotes service a requirement for GlobalView’s institutional customers worldwide. Via our state-of-the-art array of software solutions, GlobalView can offer users of Enron Online Real-Time Quotes greater relevance by combining this data seamlessly with other information sources and by providing flexibility in the collection, management and display of the information.”

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