GE Hitachi, Fluor Corp. team up on Polish nuclear power plant

London, September 15, 2011—As Poland prepares to build its first two nuclear power stations to diversify the country’s energy supply, technology provider GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy announced a memorandum of understanding with Fluor Corp., under which Fluor would serve as GEH’s engineering, procurement and construction partner for the announced new reactor project in Poland.

Polish utility Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. is scheduled to formally open the project-bidding process in Warsaw at its engagement conference to be held September 22-23. PGE is expected to complete its vendor selection in mid-2013 and has targeted 2020 as the commercial date of operation for its first nuclear power plant.

GEH is a designer of boiling water reactor technology and services worldwide. GE currently has more than 10,000 employees in Poland.

Fluor has been in Poland since 1995 with nearly 300 engineering and technical professionals.

In the last two years, GEH has signed cooperative agreements with more than a dozen Polish manufacturing and engineering firms, enhancing the potential local economic benefits of nuclear energy.

GEH also has been working with Poland’s universities to help begin training the thousands of nuclear engineers needed to build and operate future nuclear power stations, underscoring GEH’s long-term commitment to the country.

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