GE providing control valves for Southern Co. IGCC plant

Houston, March 7, 2011– GE won a contract to provide Masoneilan LincolnLog and SteamForm modulating steam control valves and auxiliary systems to Southern Co.’s Mississippi Power Integrated Combined Cycle power plant in Kemper County, Miss.

Southern Co.’s order includes more than 50 separate turbine and process steam bypass valves, spray water control valves, pressure reducing valves and silencers.

Masoneilan bypass valves will facilitate the start-up, shut-down and trip cycles of the steam turbines as well as provide process steam to and from the gasifier and are necessary for the flexible operation of the plant in response to fluctuating power demand.

The 582-MW IGCC power plant, owned and operated by Mississippi Power, will employ a unique high-efficiency process that utilizes lignite coal to generate electricity. The coal is converted to syngas which is used to fuel gas turbine-generators that drive downstream steam turbine-generators.

The valve and auxiliary systems are expected to be delivered in 2011 and the power plant is expected to be operational in 2014. The Masoneilan team also will offer continuing service and parts support for the bypass systems.

The Masoneilan LincolnLog product line provides multi-stage pressure letdown control and trash tolerance, providing a reliable long-term solution for a wide range of high pressure, anti-cavitation valve applications in both globe and angle body options.

The Masoneilan SteamForm product line is engineered for each application and combines more than 125 years of pressure reduction expertise with the latest in desuperheating technology to provide a highly efficient and reliable steam conditioning valve solution.

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