GE steam cycle technology optimizes power plants

Charlottesville, Va., May 9, 2012 – Steam plant operators are looking for control solutions that will help them to optimize boiler efficiency by reducing fuel consumption while reducing emissions.

GE Intelligent Platforms can meet these needs for plants under 300 MW with high performance, productized control solutions based on decades of domain expertise in steam cycle generation management that can reduce fuel usage while allowing boilers to run safely and efficiently.

GE’s Steam Cycle control solution is based on a flexible and scalable DCS, Proficy Process Systems, along with productized pre-packaged advanced combustion control algorithms and strategies for fossil and biomass fuels.

These advanced combustion control algorithms and strategies optimize the combustion process to reduce customers’ fuel usage 3 percent to 5 percent which allows them to better meet stringent emissions regulations.

In addition, they keep equipment safe and protected by maintaining the water level in the boiler to prevent damage. Because these control algorithms and strategies are pre-engineered, they are capable of reducing system implementation time by 50 percent to 80 percent.

The control system is able to handle conventional fossil fuels as well as the more difficult to control biomass and waste fuels. For biomass fuel plants, the natural variations in the quality and moisture content of the feedstock can results in steam production fluctuations.

The system’s BTU combustion compensation control strategies ensure smooth and consistent steam production regardless of these variations. The system facilitates balancing combustion load when grates need to be offline for cleaning and when they are returned to service.

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