GE to boost output, reduce emissions for Sicilian power plant

Milan, December 15, 2011 — GE will upgrade two 30-year-old 9B Gas Turbines to GE 9E Gas Turbines to lower emissions and improve the efficiency, reliability and output of a power plant in Trapani owned by E.ON Produzione S.p.A, an Italian energy producer. The plant plays a key role in stabilizing the power grid between Sicily and mainland Italy.

The upgrade project was announced at an event in Milan attended by GE and E.ON representatives and the vice president and director for industry, crafts and cooperation of Lombardy Region, Andrea Gibelli, who was greeted by Sandro De Poli, president and CEO of GE in Italy and by Miguel Antoàƒ±anzas, president and CEO of E.ON Italia.

GE will upgrade Trapani’s two gas turbine trains from 85 and 89 MW, respectively, to 107.8 MW per unit. The upgrade will include temperature firing increases, advanced sealing features, new unit rotors and compressor stator vanes, new open air ventilated generators and the installation of a DLN 1 combustion system.

E.ON approached GE’s Power Generation Services unit seeking a solution that would enable the Trapani plant to operate within new regional emissions limits. Once the site’s new configuration is complete, the project will position Trapani to help fortify the region’s grid continuity, while offering opportunities for local community and industry development.

DLN technology helps power plant operators meet or exceed emerging regulatory requirements in Europe and around the world. DLN solutions also enable operation at lower loads during off-peak periods, consuming less fuel and helping to reduce plant-operating costs. This technology builds on decades of GE innovation in combustion technology, with more than 700 GE DLN combustors having compiled 23 million hours of operation on nearly 800 units worldwide.

The project will begin in the third quarter of 2012 and is scheduled to be completed in 2013.


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