GE will service pair of U.K. power plants for RWE npower

General Electric (NYSE: GE) signed a multimillion dollar, multi-year maintenance plan with U.K. energy company RWE npower to provide a full range of services that will help increase the operating flexibility and reduce costs for its Great Yarmouth and Little Barford power plants.

Together, these two natural gas-burning plants serve the power needs of nearly 1 million U.K. homes and businesses.

The Little Barford combined-cycle power station operates with two GE 9FA gas turbines and has a generating capacity of 740 MW, while the Great Yarmouth power station features one GE 9FA gas turbine and has a capacity of 400 MW.

The new multi-year maintenance program is designed to help increase the availability and reliability of the GE 9FA gas turbines at the Little Barford and Great Yarmouth sites.

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